Students in RATEL’s MMC

As part of RATEL’s campaing of young experts’ education in the domain of electronic communications, the Agency’s Monitoring and Measurement Center (MMC) in Dobanovci was visited by the students of the Faculty of Traffic Engineering in Belgrade.

The students were acquainted with the tasks and activities of the employees at the MMC pertaining to the control of the RF spectrum use at a fixed location and use of the system of remotely controlled stations, followed by the presentation of measurement vehicle and various laboratory measurements. The following current RATEL’s projects were also presented: Mobile Network Benchmarking, system for continuous measurement of electromagnetic field levels (EMF RATEL) and RATEL NetTest application for Internet connection quality measurement.

Visits like these have already become a 20-year old tradition and certain students of the Faculty of Traffic Engineering, who used to be part of them, are presently employed as engineers at this MMC.