Numbering Resources

The Agency is assigned the tasks of managing and assigning addresses and numbers, as a scarce resource, so as to ensure a rational, equal and efficient usage thereof. 

The Agency adopts the Numbering Plan stipulating the allocation of addresses and numbers. The Numbering Plan also ensures equal availability of numbering resources to all operators and services, conditions for the introduction of new electronic communication services and fulfilment of obligations arising from relevant international agreements.

The Numbering Plan is aligned with the international regulations and practice and with the EU regulations and practice. The structure of numbers and addresses is aligned with the ITU-T recommendations, in particular with Е.164 and Е.212 recommendations.

The Agency assigns numbers to the operators of electronic communications services by issuing a decision on number usage. The Agency decides on revoking the assigned numbers by issuing a decision, in cases stipulated by the law. The Agency also decides in cases of transfer of rights of use of numbering resources.

The Agency keeps updated database on numbering resource usage, which includes the information on the type of numbers, assigned numbers (number ranges), operators assigned with numbers, start and end date of usage of numbering resources.

Information on the assigned numbering resources is available in the Agency Register: Database of numbering resource use.