Universal Service

The basic universal service, as defined in Article 55 of the Law on Electronic Communications, includes:

  • access to public communications network and publicly available telephone services at a fixed location, including data transfer services enabling functional Internet access;
  • access to information services and public telephone directories;
  • use of public telephone booths;
  • free calls to emergency services;
  • special mesures providing equal opportunity to disabled persons and vulnerable social groups to access publicly available telephone services, including free calls to emergency services, access to information services and public telephone directories.

Universal service is provided on a technologically neutral basis, within the prescribed quality and at affordable price, particularly to disabled persons and vulnerable social groups.

The line ministry has adopted the Rulebook on Universal Service, defining the scope, geographic coverage and universal service quality of provision, and the requirements regarding the equal opportunity for the disabled persons to use these services, taking into account the level of development of public communications networks and accessibility of publicly available electronic communications services in the Republic of Serbia.

The following operators were designated pursuant to the Decision of the RATEL’s Managing Board No. 1-01-110-15/09-1 of March 12, 2010 to provide universal service on the territory of the Republic of Serbia:

  • Telekom Srbija a.d,
  • Telenor d.o.o,
  • VIP mobile d.o.o. and
  • Orion telekom d.o.o.

Universal service providers are obliged to deliver annual reports on the universal service provision to RATEL.