Postal services


Competences of the Agency in the area of postal services in the Republic of Serbia include the following tasks and activities:

  1. To prescribe the conditions and manner of postal service provision, to set quality parameters for the provision of postal services, and a minimum quality for the provision of universal postal service (UPS), as well as to monitor the implementation of these quality parameters;
  2. To give approval to the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of postal services adopted by the postal operators;
  3. To give approval to the UPS postal charge, except for the reserved postal services;
  4. To give approval to price list for other postal services of all postal operators; 
  5. To set more detailed requirements for permit issuance to postal operators;
  6. To issue and revoke licenses to postal operators for the provision of universal postal service (UPS);
  7. To grant and revoke authorizations to postal operators for the provision of other postal services;
  8. To keep a record of permits granted to postal operators and make it publicly accessible;
  9. To determine the amount of license issuance fee, as well as the annual fee for the provision of postal services, and to set deadlines for the settlement of due payments;
  10. To monitor whether postal operators comply with the requirements contained in the granted permits, whereas in case of breach of these requirements or the provisions of the Law on Postal Services, to take appropriate measures within its competence;
  11. To set tariff categories of the universal postal service;
  12. To govern the manner of keeping separate cost accounting records and the authenticity verification, and to publish reports on the harmonized cost accounting structures delivered by the public postal operator (the PPO);
  13. To prescribe the manner and conditions of access to the PPO’s postal network and to keep a record of signed agreements;
  14. To adopt other bylaws pursuant to the law governing the area of postal services;
  15. To take measures intended to improve competition in the market of postal services;
  16. To monitor postal operators’ activities, following the customers’ complaints;
  17. To mediate in out-of-court dispute resolutions between users and postal operators;
  18. To perform technical monitoring over the postal operators’ activities;
  19. To keep up with the developments in the field of postal services, collect information, create and maintain databases relevant to the postal services industry and publish data on a regular basis;
  20. To take part in the work of international bodies and organizations, in the capacity of a national regulatory authority (NRA) responsible for postal services;
  21. To ensure transparency of its operations;
  22. To carry out other activities prescribed by Law.


Postal activities in the Republic of Serbia are governed by the following laws and regulations:

  • Law on Postal Services („Official Gazette of RS“, No. 77/19);
  • Law on Ratification of the UPU Acts („Official Gazette of RS“, Nos. 42/09, 10/14 and 12/18);
  • Strategy for the development of postal services in the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazette of RS“, Nos. 101/2007, 43/2013 and 84/2017);
  • Rules on the conditions for the commencement of postal activities (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 51/10);
  • The Agency’s Rulebooks.

Postal address of the Agency:

Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL)

Postal Services Department

Palmotićeva 2

11103 Belgrade PAC 106306 


Postal Regulatory Division: +38111 2026-924, +38111 2026-930, +38111 2026-937

Postal Marketing Analysis Division: +38111 2026-923, +38111 2026-906, +38111 2026-920


Working hours: 

Business days 07:30h – 15:30h