Spectrum management

Adequate management of the radio frequency spectrum as a limited natural resource is a national interest of the Republic of Serbia. RATEL manages the RF spectrum pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications, the accompanying bylaws and relevant international documents.

The aim of the RF spectrum management is to enable smooth operation of different services and is realized through the following activities:

  1. Radio frequency usage planning in accordance with the corresponding international agreements and recommendations, in the best interest of the citizens, economy and national security;
  2. Assignment of radio frequencies based on the allocation plan and allotment plans;
  3. Coordination of the radio frequency usage with neighboring and other countries;
  4. Monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum usage, detection of harmful interferences and taking measures to remove them.

All of the above activities are practiced by RATEL along with the principles of rationality, effectiveness, transparency and non-discrimination.

RATEL cooperates with international organizations and other countries' administrations tasked with RF spectrum management both independently and through the competent national bodies.

The RF bands allocation plan stipulates the allocation of radio frequency bands to specific services and industries, including the conditions and grounds of use.

The RF allotment plans provide the requirements for the allotment of radio frequencies from the allocated radio frequency bands, allotment of radio frequencies by location or region for one or more radio communication services and industries, as well as other technical requirements related to the RF usage.