FM22 WG Meeting Participants visit Avala Tower


RATEL, on April 16-19, hosted the 61th FM22 WG (Working Group Frequency Management – Monitoring and Enforcement) Meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), attended in person by 57 participants, with another 18 following the event online.

The meeting was an occasion for RATEL to acquaint the participants, through three presentations, with the manner of radio frequency spectrum management in the Republic of Serbia, specialized RF spectrum monitoring software platforms and hybrid solutions for the powering of monitoring and measurement stations.

As part of the working meetings, a technical visit to the PE Broadcasting Technology and Connections broadcasting location „Avala Tower“ was organized, where the attendees were presented a digital TV and radio signal broadcasting infrastructure. Following the tour of the Avala Tower, RATEL’s specialized monitoring and measurement vehicles equipped with measuring equipment and telescopic antenna masts were showcased, as well as portable measuring equipment used during the process of radio frequency spectrum monitoring. The most interest was expressed for the technical solutions of mobile measurement stations installed on all-terrain vehicles.

The gathering was assessed to be very successful, with the most important results being the progress made in the harmonization of measurement methods carried out by two or more CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications) administrations for the purpose of enabling comparison of field-strength measurements recorded in border regions for mobile and fixed communications networks (MFCN), and the revision of the recommendation on the protection of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) against illegal jammers.